Consolidated Credit Review

Comprehensive Debt Educators

One of the hardest parts of attempting to climb out of debt is to understand the available solutions and processes. Consolidated Credit Solutions was created to help people with debt realize that they have options, and to help them through the process of consolidating, settling, and paying their debt in order to regain control of their finances. With an expansive educational library and personalized service that can help you create a debt management plan, find debt consolidation solutions, and understand your personal finances, Consolidated Credit is an excellent alternative for debt consolidation.

Consolidated Credit Highlights

  • Personalized customer support
  • Expansive educational resources
  • A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau


  • Comprehensive knowledge base
  • Multiple areas of expertise
  • Certified financial specialists
  • Heavy emphasis on education


  • Not directly a lender
  • No price information available directly on website

Information and Support

One of the things we liked most about Consolidated Credit was their strong commitment to providing information to customers. The company’s website is filled with useful guides and tutorials that range from broad topics such as debt consolidation and credit scores, to more specific information such as consolidating payday loans and how military personnel should deal with debt. The company obviously puts a lot of work into providing an expansive and comprehensive knowledge base, and it shows in the quality of their offerings. Additionally, we found that it was very easy to get in touch with one of their many certified financial counselors. While the company unfortunately does not offer a live chat feature, they do provide you with a free consultation before you decide to join their service.

Types of Debt Addressed

In our research, we were happy to see that Consolidated Credit does not limit itself to offering help with a single kind of debt. The company understands that not all debt is created the same, and its vast educational resources and services reflect this mentality. The company offers counseling and debt management programs for unsecured and secured debt, as well as advising for home loans and mortgages, and credit card debt.

Flexibility of Repayment Plan

It is important to note that while Consolidated Credit offers a wide variety of counseling services, and will help you consolidate your debt, the company is not directly a lender. Therefore, they don’t list any information regarding repayment plans. However, they will assist with crafting a program designed to help you clear your debt in a reasonable timeframe without overburdening your personal finances thanks to their debt management programs.

Expected Repayment Timeline

Because they do not directly provide you with loans, Consolidated Credit does not list specific settlement time-frames. Instead, they will work with you to create a payment plan that can help you responsibly and efficiently clear your debt and restore your credit without risking falling back into debt. The company helps you repay your debt, and lets you track your payment history, as well as your remaining payments so you can always be aware of your repayment schedule.

Quote Application Process

If you are ready to get started with Consolidated Credit, the company’s quote application process is simple. To receive a free consultation, you simply need to fill out a quick form and request a call back, and one of the company’s certified financial counselors will respond to you in a timely fashion. We found that response times were generally great, and the initial startup process for counseling and debt management was efficient and quick.


Even though it is not a debt consolidation lender, Consolidated Credit offers services that are vital for customers looking for a responsible way to reduce their outstanding debts. With a strong commitment to education and support for its clients, Consolidated Credit offers a robust debt consolidation service. The company’s unique blend of certified specialists, expert content, and debt management solutions make it a great option if you are looking to explore positive alternatives to get out of debt and back on financial solid ground.

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